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Ever heard of “The Witcher”? This legendary RPG blockbuster sold over 4 000 000 copies worldwide. Would you like the author of its script and dialogues work for you?

Well - her I am…

I designed loads of other mobile, console and PC games too. If you got that brilliant idea, but don’t know what to do next - I just might have a solution for you. Would you like to get your idea forged into an AppStore or Google Play hit downloaded by millions?

So if Lady of The Light suddenly descended down and placed her glowing hands upon your head, inspiring you with a sudden surge of brilliance, resulting in the next gaming hit - I can help you achieve it.

I can help you with:

 - Preparation of full game documentation with sketches, including gameplay, KPIs,  all features, power-ups, items, retention recommendations, monetisation loops, etc. This complete design documents will allow you to immediately begin game production!

- Design of characters, plots, main and side missions, dialogues, texts, manuals etc.

- Overall game development proces and publication on Google Play and AppStore. I'm developing games for Android, iOS, also browser and standalone ones. I've released 40+ titles.

- Project management of remote/offshore production teams through whole production cycle (from planning to release) with overall scope and responsibility over the project - I have huge experience as Senior Producer/Project Manager (check my CV)